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The Daily Memo - 4/21/08

check.jpgThe FBI allowed its own desire to expand the USA Patriot Act to interfere with a case investigation. (Wired)

check.jpgThe firm of Howrey Simon has been sued, following the collapse of a patent deal, for breach of fiduciary duty. (Law.com)

check.jpgThere’s still hope that I can flip this worthless J.D. into a movie biz career! (WSJ Law Blog)

check.jpgMany of the Cannuck readers of our sister site are surely behind the latest move to deregulate Canadian TV, possibly opening things up for U.S. networks to head up north. (CBC.ca)

check.jpgI’d wager Clinton, Obama and McCain would all rather talk about Kevin Bacon than being two or three degrees from Hitler. Just a hunch. (Slate)

check.jpgAt least as far as Dems go, there might be a smidge of truthiness to the Colbert Bump. (Fox News)

check.jpgOur boy Jonathan Lee Riches is suing Grand Theft Auto, blaming the game and its developers for putting him in prison. (ComputerAndVideoGames)