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10,000 Bowl Smokers!

potSMALL254_t600.JPGThe annual CU Bowlathon (I just made a word up) took place again yesterday, but this year was even more spliffy than in year’s past: At 4:20, on 4/20, 10,000 University of Colorado students toked up, and unlike in year’s past, police made absolutely no attempt to stop them.

Officers in the past have gone to great lengths to catch people in the illegal act of smoking pot on 4/20.
In 2006, CU police dispatched undercover photographers to snap pictures of smokers. Photos of 150 alleged offenders then were posted on the department’s Web site, and witnesses were offered $50 to positively identify the suspects — who then were ticketed. Another year, smokers on Farrand were doused with sprinklers.
“We can’t do the same thing year after year,” Wiesley said hours before Sunday’s smoking began. “So I doubt we’ll do anything like the pictures. … There’s no way our 12 to 15 officers are going to be able to deal with a crowd of 10,000. We just can’t do strong enforcement when we’re outnumbered 700 or 800 to one.”

Also, let’s just be honest here: How effective would you expect 12 to 15 police officers to be in a sea of pot smoke generated by 10,000 students smoking up at one time.

I bet the pot dealers love 4/20 in Boulder, too.

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God I wish I went to CU. Oh well, I had fun anyway :)

There's always a big smoke-a-thon in front of the art gallery in Vancouver, BC; this year we topped 10,000 people. Unfortunately I missed it, due to my cousin's son's 2nd birthday. Partay!