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The Daily Memo - 3/26/08

check.jpgSeriously, Dahlia Lithwick always has the best headlines: “Jail of Two Cities — The Supreme Court Gives the Right to Habeas Corpus a Swirly.” (Slate)

check.jpgThe Second Circuit told airline passengers that they can’t have a state-granted Bill of Rights. (LAist)

check.jpgFox does a solid and tells the FCC to go fuck itself. (Defamer)

check.jpgJonathan Lee Riches isn’t just the pro se litigant of the day, damn it — he’s the pro se litigant of every day! (Above the Law)

check.jpgIf your cash smells like weed, you might just get arrested. (FindLaw)

check.jpgThe Iraq vet who sued Michael Moore of Fahrenheit 9/11 just had his lawsuit dinged. (WSJ Law Blog)

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OK, I gotta rat myself out. Everytime I read Dahlia's stuff I think "I want her".