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If you would’ve taught my kids better-like, they wouldn’t be so stupid

school-chairs.jpgAn Australian father has sued a private school for $400,000 in fees he paid the school for his twin sons after they flunked their final exams. Steven Weybury says that all the money he spent for twelve years of schooling was a waste:

Mr Weybury - a partner in a city law firm - claims he warned the school that his boys were headed for academic disaster in their final year and attempted to remove them at the end of year 11.
But school bosses persuaded him to let the boys stay on and assured him that they could cope emotionally and academically, he claims.
“The boys did not successfully complete year 12 in any respect,” court documents allege.

Essentially, Weybury is giving his sons the most important lesson at all — if you can’t achieve, sue. And, actually, it’s a lesson that a British Columbia man is trying to give his second grader, too, suing his son’s teacher because she didn’t encourage his spelling efforts or send him a daily homework list which, the father says, amounted to her “purposely and maliciously worked to damage the self-esteem” of his son. Ridiculous.

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God forbid that the parent should have actually checked on his children's progress during those 12 years and tried to help them learn!

Well of course it is the teacher's/school's fault that students didn't learn, especially the twelfth graders. Really, what do you expect, some kind of student accountability?

Grr, stories like this piss me off.