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The Daily Memo - 2/28/07

check.jpgIt never ends - an appellate court will now take a stab at the case about where Anna Nicole Smith will be buried. (CNN)

check.jpgDisney is suing the city of Anaheim because the city wants to add low-cost housing near Disneyland, but Disney says they only object because it’s a tourist area that residents wouldn’t feel comfortable living in…riiiiiiiiiiiight. (FindLaw)

check.jpgBaltimore is the latest city to ban smoking in its bars and restaurants. (Baltimore Sun)

check.jpgDirector Steven Soderbergh got rejected as a NYC juror earlier this week. (NY Post)

check.jpgWant to know more about why the Libby jury is continuing to deliberate even though a juror was dismissed, and what happens if another juror has to be benched? (Dorf on Law)