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The Daily Memo - 2/27/08

check.jpgThe Jim Davis estate Jim Davis will probably make this guy take this site down at some point, but it turns out that the Garfield comic strip is actually kinda fantastic if you just get rid of the lazy, fat, lasagna loving cat. (garfield minus garfield)

check.jpgDon’t cry for the disbarred PI lawyer, Argentina, because he’s got a freaking $35 million mansion. (Above the Law)

check.jpgWhat’s the deal with that cookbook plagiarism lawsuit? (FindLaw)

check.jpgWhat’s the deal with law school grading curves? (WSJ Law Blog)

check.jpgNote to self — if I ever make counterfeit $100 bills, don’t put Lincoln on them. (WSOCTV)

check.jpgA woman has been charged with arson, and she says that she burned the building in question down because she was just tired of looking at it. (KXXI)

check.jpgI don’t get it, but a Washington state prosecutor is pissed off at Massachusetts because violent ex-cons leave MA to come kill people in WA. (Boston Herald)

check.jpgEven if it’s been shut down for a while, you probably don’t want to break into a police station to steal shit. (WISTV)

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umm, has Jim Davis died?

Huh. I could've sworn I remembered hearing recently that Davis had died. But it would seem I remembered quite incorrectly. Sorry Mr. Davis.