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The Daily Memo - 1/9/07

check.jpgMeet your next White House Counsel - Fred Fielding. (NY Times)

check.jpgOprah is getting sued by an audience member who says she got injured in rushing to grab a seat….(TV Squad)

check.jpg…And this after a dude tried to extort $1.5 million from her. (TV Squad)

check.jpg“The Apprentice” discriminates against older contestants, says a 40-year-old rejected applicant, and Donald Trump and his friends are gonna’ pay for it. (Zap2It)

check.jpgA 73-year-old NJ sex offender has been tossed back into the clink after getting busted for posing as a doctor at a substance abuse center, where he piddled men’s genitals while they took piss tests and even spanked a man who failed his test. (WGAL)

check.jpgA boy who was involved in a car accident is suing his parents, at their behest and with their support, for their failure to properly buckle his car seat. (St. Paul Pioneer Press)

check.jpgIn Australia, three different people were busted for drunk-driving in the same vehicle on the same night, all within hours of each other. (ABC News Online)

check.jpgThere’s new Senate legislation which seeks to ban any taxation on internet usage (although it’ll let the 12 states that already tax internet access keep doing so). (Download Squad)