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The Daily Memo - 11/9/07

check.jpgThe Senate has moved into the debate phase of Michael Mukasey’s confirmation hearins, but we all know that they don’t have the stones to stop his confirmation, so can’t we just get on with it already? (Law.com)

check.jpgOh, but wait! Congress actually has at least a piece of testicular fortitude, as it overrode a Bush veto for the first time in Bush’s looooong reign. (The Raw Story)

check.jpgCompleting our Congressional trifecta, Yahoo executives have been accused of lying to Congress. (TechRepublic)

check.jpgCalifornia has sued the EPA over car emission standards. (Nota Bene)

check.jpg“Inside on TV-ad law firm.” (Overlawyered)

check.jpgA NJ judge has been reprimanded for various ethical violation, although the state Supreme Court is fine with him issuing DUI fines not authorized by state law. (Law.com)