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The Daily Memo - 1/10/08

check.jpgGrandma got carded-over by a reindeer. (Slate)

check.jpgThe honorable Judge Haberdasher will have none of this ascot business! Forsooth! (Supreme Dicta)

check.jpgOuch — a lawyer winds up owing both his own client and the opposing side. (Overlawyered)

check.jpgI can’t believe it either. Joke’s on us, I guess …ha ha. (Legal Antics)

check.jpgYikes — Alabama authorities think that a fucking cocksucker of a father threw his four kids off a bridge. (Lawinfo)

check.jpg….and shit. Four more kids (maybe related, maybe not) were found dead by U.S. Marshals in D.C. and the calm woman found at the house is now being questioned. Calm in a house with four dead kids? Good lord — if that ain’t guilty or cracked outta your head, I don’t know what is. (FindLaw)

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I can't believe you got the Alabama story to me faster before anys Alabama news shows did.

OMG. We ARE illiterate.