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The Christmas Spirit — Florida Style

i2christmas_tree.pngForget beating up Carolers. In Florida, they do Christmas right. And by “right,” I mean: They beat each other up with Christmas trees.

Authorities say a west Florida man who lives with his parents has been arrested on a felony assault charge after he used a Christmas tree as a weapon to attack his father.
According to the Manatee County sheriff’s report, 37-year-old Thomas Edward Lackie was arrested last week after he threw a 3-foot Christmas tree at his father. The tree missed, but Lackie then tried to use the steel base from the tree to strike his father.
His father and mother were able to grab Lackie’s arms to prevent the attack. Deputies say the tree could have caused serious injuries because the metal base weighs about five pounds.

Sometimes Christmas fights back, y’all. Happy Holidays!

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At first, I was more impressed by the fact that he was able to pick up a tree and throw it. And then I realized it was only a three-foot tree. Oops.

While it may not seem like quite the physical feat, even a 3 foot tree has to be awkward to wield.