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Kids stab the darndest things

knife-robbery.jpgYou want quirky, ABA, how’s this for quirky — in Florida (where else?), a seven-year-old first grader has been arrested. And accused of robbing one of his classmates.

In the school bathroom.

For a dollar.

At knifepoint.

Oh, wait. That’s not very quirky at all, is it? Kinda sad, really.

At least the poor victim/kid wasn’t too hurt, with only a nosebleed to show from the ordeal (it’s apparently unclear whether this was from the knife being pressed against his nose, or whether it was just a regular, run of the mill “shit, I’m just a kid and this other kid has a fucking knife pressed against my nose” variety).

Knifey McYoungster has been suspended for 10-days, and will likely be expelled to a school that can supposedly deal with problem childs.

Remember the movie Problem Child? Fucking John Ritter, man! Is it at all weird that one of my fondest memories of him is from a certain classic scene in Skin Deep?

…You know what? I don’t want our readers to go vote for us as quirkiest blawg. Fuck that shit. I want our readers to pour one out for our homie John Ritter.


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Fuck yeah. Ritter was the man.

Remember that episode of Buffy where John Ritter was Ted, the robot boyfriend?

Yeah...I miss him.

There will always be a John Ritter-shaped hole in the world.

I want our readers to pour one out for our homie John Ritter.

homo would be a bit more accurate.

Still I liked him. And his son is a hottie.

Your blog is Quirky!

You think that's bad? Here in my beautiful (and normally peaceful) city of Melbourne, Australia, four prep students, none aged over 6, have been suspended for attacking a 10-year-old Grade 4 student, kicking him while he lay concussed on the ground.

What's next? Krav Maga potty training?