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The booze is big. The driving is big. The getting arrested for drunk driving is not big.

johnCincy.jpgAustin Nichols, who played the titular character in HBO’s now-cancelled “John from Cincinnati” was arrested last week for Hollywood’s latest fad, a DUI. Word has it that he caught the suspicion of the po-po when his vehicle was seen driving the incorrect way down a one-way street.

When asked for an explanation of why he was drinking, one imagines Nichols said: “My show was cancelled, so I was drowning my sorrows.” When asked for an explanation of what the hell Milch meant by his enigma of a show, one imagines that Nichols just shrugged and said that he suspects that Milch, too, was hitting the bottle quite heavily.

I mean, seriously, that show wound up making about half-a-lick of sense.

Oh, and here’s some mugshot goodness for you, with Nichols apparently thinking he’s still playing the role of John, based on the goofy smirk: