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The “Stupid Drunk Scholarship” Goes To….

highVolt.jpgIn Indiana, Purdue University has entered into a settlement with the parents of Wade Steffey. Steffey, a freshman at the school, had been at a frat party on January 13. He later tried to get into a dorm building, because he had left his coat in a friend’s room. After it’s believed he was unable to open several doors, Steffey found a door that did open. Unfortunately for Steffey, this door led to a high-voltage utility room, and he was electrocuted.

Purdue agreed to give his parent half-a-million dollars, and to start a $100,000 scholarship endowment. Which would be the aforementioned “Stupid Drunk Scholarship.” I realize it’s unfair to automatically assume he was drunk, but (a) the story goes out of its way to mention that Steffey was last seen at a frat party and (b) you don’t get electrocuted just by walking into a high-voltage room — you gotta do something pretty stupid when you get in there. The kind of stupid thing one does when they’re drunk. You know, a “oooo — look at the purty wires” kind of thing.

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um. I'm betting he went in there and tried to take a leak.

Cue the Ren & Stimpy song, "Don't whizz! on the electric fence!"

I am stunned at the insensitivity in your remarks. You obviously have not read up on the facts in this case.