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The best trespassing story you’ll read all day

t-mobile.jpgIn Boulder, Colorado, 25-year-old Luke Barrett has been arrested for, and pleaded guilty to, trespassing and obstructing an officer. Seems that Barrett was homeless and so, last December, he made his own home on the property of a T-Mobile store.

Strike that. Rather, he made his home on the T-Mobile store. For the last half-a-year, he’s been living on the store’s roof!

According to the T-Mobile store, employees had a suspicion that someone was living on the roof. Cleaning employees and maintenance crews said on two occasions they found and removed cushions, garbage and a sleeping bag from the roof.

The real tragedy of this story is that I want to laugh at it but, fuck it all, it’s kinda’ sad. Of course, T-Mobile did give him the opportunity to remain on the roof for free. Catch being, he’d have to sign a two year exclusive agreement. Those fuckers get you every time!

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Can you adversely possess a roof?