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America’s Schmuck

260608422_73d892490d_o.jpgLast week, I believe it was douchebag extraordinaire, Rudy Guiliani (a.k.a., “America’s Mayor”), who took Hillary Clinton to task because she didn’t call out Moveon.org for headlining an ad in The New York Times: “General Petraeus or General Betray Us?” Why it’s Hillary’s business, I don’t know, and why he insisted that she apologize for what the liberal group did is beyond me. I suppose he used to same logic to connect her to the ad as our current commander-in-chief used to connect Iraq with Al Qaeda, pre-invasion. Hell, maybe if Saddam had apologized for something he had nothing to do with, then maybe we wouldn’t be in this goddamn war.

Whatever. What I’m getting at here is that maybe, just maybe, America’s Fuckwit ought to take a lesson from himself in the same regard.

Why? Well, because Abraham Sofaer is throwing a fundraiser for Guiliani. And the theme of the fundraiser, of course, is to raise $9.11 per person. That’s right, Sofaer wants to raise $10,000 in $9.11 contributions? Why $9.11? Well, obviously, because he’s following in the lead of America’s Exploiter by bilking one of our nation’s biggest tragedies for political gain. Is Guiliani apologizing for this? Should he even have to? I dunno — but maybe he oughtn’t take a $10,000 fund that was so accrued with impeccably bad taste. And, of course, no one will take the blame for the theme — responsibility was passed on by higher-ups to two anonymous youngsters who came up with the brilliant idea. But, who’s man enough to put a stop to the fundraiser?

Not Rudy. Sean Astin is probably ashamed to share the same character name with this man. Eegads. Eee. Gads.

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Hillary needing to apologize for Moveon's ad? Should Rudy apologize for [name a Bush administration member]'s indiscretions?

maybe rudy should apologize to his ex wife?