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The Best Little 10-Year-Old Boy Ever

generalDuke.jpgSemaj Booker lives with his mom in a suburb of Tacoma, Washington. And according to his moms, he doesn’t like the suburbs so much and would rather live with his grandfather down in Dallas. So last January, the then-9-year-old Booker decided to take matters into his own hands by steeling a neighbor’s car. The cops spotted him at some point and went after him, which then turned the whole thing into a highway high-speed chase. With a nine-year-old suspect leading the way, need I remind you. They only caught Booker when the stolen car’s engine blew, causing the car to crash.

But that’s nothing. Booker was released to his mother and the next day he snuck off to the local airport and managed to lie his way to San Antonio! The crafty kid told ticketing agents that he was 12 and that his mom was waiting for him in the boarding area - he then managed to get onto a plane from Tacoma to Phoenix and, in Phoenix, he was able to change onto another plane to San Antonio. Unfortunately, it was “so close yet so far” for young Booker, as he was busted in San Antonio and shipped back to his mom’s custody in Washington. Which makes sense, ‘cause she’s obviously doing a bang up job with him.

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Which makes sense, ‘cause she’s obviously doing a bang up job with him.

Taught the kid to be pretty resourceful, didn't she?

Damn, that was actually pretty cool. Who's his father, Jason Bourne?