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That’s dedication!

examination-book.jpgThis one law professor in Michigan, he apparently thinks all the hypotheticals that law profs use are bullshit. Why give the students hypothetical problems to discuss when you can give them the real deal:

A law student and the professor who paid to have sex with her face up to a year in jail after the student told police she was a prostitute.
The woman went to police in Ann Arbor, Michigan to press charges against the professor for slapping her during sex.
She ended up confessing to having as many as nine other clients who paid up to $US500 for sex. She told police she needed the money to pay tuition.
“Perhaps she should have cracked a legal textbook before coming in to the police station to talk about this,” Ann Arbor Detective Sergeant Richard Kinsey said.
The two met in April after the associate professor in the University of Michigan’s department of near eastern studies responded to an online ad describing the student’s sexual services. She was not a student of his.
They met at an Ann Arbor hotel where the student told police she reluctantly agreed to let the professor whip her with a belt but got angry when he slapped her twice in the face.
The professor paid her $US300 and asked if he could see her again. She told him she’d have to think about it and then went to the police station to report she’d been assaulted.

And the wonderful professor’s wife works in the same department, so she gets to use these in her class, too. This guy’s economical!

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Yeah, she should have cracked a legal textbook first, because everybody knows if you are a prostitute, it is a-ok for your john to slap you in the face! WTF? Sex workers have no rights, y'all.

Except that he's not a law professor. So your witty title just confused the matter for me.

Difference between a prostitute and a one night stand? One gets PAID!

I think the "cracked open a legal textbook" comment was aimed at the fact that prostitution is illegal. She basically turned herself in. Great lawyer she would be ... or Governor of New York.