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Stupid is As the Pervert Does

womenbathgifHey! When you’re trying to tape the ladies taking a wee, you might want to avoid capturing yourself on camera.

A video camera was found in the women’s bathroom of a Buffalo Grove business Wednesday afternoon, but no footage was found on it except for an image of the man who had placed it.
Police said an employee of a company on the 1300 block of Barclay Boulevard reported that she found a camera hidden under some paper towels that was set in video mode.
Police said the data card showed nobody but the man who put the camera there.
“We believe we have some strong leads in the case,” Cmdr. Steve Husak said Thursday.

I like the story for no other reason than because, when I picture the officer saying, “We believe we have some strong leads in the case,” I pictured Jerry Orbach in full-on deadpan. Also, who the hell wants to watch women take a leak?

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Creepy guys who have sisters who work at an electronics store and get them spy cameras to put in public restrooms, which accidentally leads to a sexual assault being captured on film, if L&O SVU is anything to go by.

Sabrina, I learned all my law from TV shows like L&O, CSI, Ally McBeal and Boston Legal.

Yeah, this location is right next to my job...we read this and couldnt believe what the poelice had to day...der.