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That’s a Royale with No Cheese

smpulp.jpgA man in West Virginia — where high school graduation is the sixth grade and as long as you have one incisor you’re considered to have a “full set of teeth” — is suing a McDonald’s restaurant for $10 million (that’s a 1 with 7 zeroes after it, for our West Virginian readers) because he asked for no cheese, goddamnit. Jeromy Jackson and his mother filed the suit last month:

According to the suit, Jackson, his mother and friend went to the drive-thru at the McDonald’s on Chaplin Road in Morgantown on Oct. 30, 2005. Jackson claims he ordered two “Quarter Pounders” without cheese, stating he was allergic to cheese.
“From this point forward, Mr. Jackson repeatedly asked as to the status of his food and whether it had no cheese, and took multiple preventive steps to assure his food did not contain cheese,” the suit says.
The suit says Jackson received his food, bit into one of his sandwiches and immediately began to have a severe allergic reaction. He was rushed to United Hospital Center in Clarksburg.
“Mr. Jackson was only moments from death and/or seriously debilitation injury when hospital staff intervened,” the suit says.
Jeromy Jackson suffered injuries to his body and mind and has incurred medical expenses. Jackson, his mother and friend claim to have suffered mental anguish, pain and suffering and a loss of enjoyment of life.

Here’s some advice perhaps everyone should heed: Don’t put your life in the hands of a McDonald’s Drive-Thru employee.

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He could have just ordered plain McDonald's hamburgers. Those aren't served with cheese. Also it's not that hard to check the burger for cheese. It's bright orange. It should be visible.

Is it even real cheese in a MacDonalds cheeseburger? Can you be allergic to imitation cheese?


Huh, I learned when I was 6 years old that McDonalds employees have only one way of making your burger, and you get what you get. Too bad for those of us who don't like their standard formula. Well, not really, we're actually better off.

That's weird, I also suffer mental anguish, pain and suffering and a loss of enjoyment of life on the rare occasion that I eat at McD's.

My shit tastes better than McDonald's.

whoooeee 'at boy shore di'nt get it 'is way did'e?!

c'aint hardleh say as i blame the poor soul, i'd be just as right li'ble t'slap em with one o'them law-sewits m'self, just as fast as ah can slap a handful a'whoopass on ah whiskey'd up hog, 'at's for shore!

i gotta tell 'paw 'bout this'un!!

ya'll boys keep up the good work now, i shorely does like your lil' webternets!