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Thank god the children can’t find porn on the internet

adult-books.jpgIn Warren, Michigan, folks have been bothered by the existance of a local pron store which has been around since the 70s, the harmlessly named Bookworld (which sits on the more pornishly-named Van Dyke Avenue). But rather than employing the brutish tactics most podunk cities use to shut down the local porn joints, folks in Warren took a more sensible approach: “After weeks of hush-hush negotiations,” the city is just buying the store.

The city will shell out $295K for the store, although the current owners have to get rid of all the inventory and have agreed not to reopen anywhere else within the Warren city limits. Says one local parent: “Now, we don’t have to worry about the children being exposed to that environment.” One assumes the city will eventually rent the property out to a company like McDonalds, one that doesn’t harm our children in any way. Wholesome Big Macs for everyone!

(Bonus link: the owner of a porn shop in Staunton, Virginia has been indicted on eight counts of violating the state’s obscenity law. Staunton should take a lesson from Warren and just buy After Hours Video.)

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That's fantastic; the porn shop was probably doomed anyway and the sellout saved them from a slow and painful decline.

Seriously, who gets their porn and toys from seedy bricks and mortar stores these days?

As their children can still get online, the citizens of Warren just wasted $295K.

Hot damn. I need to open a porn store in Warren. Methinks that was not the most cost-effective way to do things.

The local city council isn't just going to split the remaining inventory? By the way it is a porn store - a pron store sounds like a bait shop