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Texas Headline of the Day

poo1.jpgFeces Parking Ticket Proves Costly

Yup. An Austin man got a ticket back in April for leaving his car parked in front of his house for too long. Seems he was less than thrilled with this result so when he paid the ticket, he included some dog poo in the envelope, dropping the whole stinky thing in the Law Enforcement Center’s drop box. “When the office employee opened envelopes from the drop box, she noticed a brown fluid leaking from one envelope.”

Er … uhm … yuck? Yeah, yuck.

So this poor employee got the fluid on her hands and all over her desk. She woke up the following day with a headache, and found herself repeatedly vomiting, leading to a two day stint in the hospital for an illness that was never really determined.

The poo man, Joshua Steven Solberg, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge, and he has to pay the law enforcement employee just shy of three grand (which still won’t cover her medical bills, which were over $5,000). He also has to pay a $300 fine and write a personal letter of apology.

Moral of the story? Keep your poo out where it belongs, and out of any envelopes you mail to your civil servants (or to anyone else for that matter).