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She did WHAT with a golf ball??

The last time I went golfing, it was with my brother, a large Hawaiian gentleman, and another guy I can’t remember. We golfed, had a few beers, and generally played some crappy golf.

We definitely did not have strippers grinding on our laps and violating each other with a putter. I guess that’s what the tacky green blazers’ll get ya’.

Golfers at the Cherry Valley Golf Course complained to authorities when they spotted a private party on the golf course that played host to lap dances, “sex acts,” and the occassional bad golf swing. All I got the last time I golfed was sun burn …

The women at the private event were employess of CR Fannys Gentlemen’s Club in Wilson…and no, I’m not making that name up. I believe it’s a subsidiary of BJ Bummsniffer’s House of Spank. I could be mistaken.

After police met with attorneys for Gene Percudani (owner of Cherry Valley) some of the “performers,” and their handler, the party dispersed. Officer Ruben Torres declined to comment as it is still an ongoing investigation. Quizlaw sources are on route to CR Fanny’s for a more in depth look into the events of the day. Questions as to why they needed rolls of 1’s and 5’s before leaving were not immediately answered.