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Taking hating your mother’s guts to a whole new level!

zombie-eating-guts.jpgA wonderful Dutch reader of ours, Joyce, passed along this email (with the above brilliant headline) about a case that’s right up QuizLaw’s alley. Unfortunately, the only stories she found were in Dutch and we can only read Dutch when we’re high. That’s OK. She does the story more justice than I could anyway. From the email (warning: Extremely Disgusting):

A Kazachstani national by name of Mikhail Bolshakov (21) stabbed his mother Vera (48) to death on Sunday night in Mechelen (Belgium) after they’d had a fight. Afterwards he cut her open, and proceeded to eat her guts. He then choked on said guts and had to be resuscitated by the police.

His neigbour Suzy Juliens had heard the fight and went to her roof terrace to check if everything was all right. She saw the woman trying to escape towards her, but she was stopped by her son. Minutes later she heard banging and scratching at the door. When she opened it she found Mikhail on top of his mother as he was stabbing her. She slammed to door to go call for help, when all turned quiet. When the police came the hall was empty. They found them in their appartment, Vera’s throat had been sliced and she was gutted. Mikhael was choking on her uterus.

Apparently he had tried to gauge her eyes out two years ago, after which he was comitted. The neighbours found him to be a quiet and friendly boy, who was often seen riding his folding bike around the neighbourhood. The man has been arrested for matricide. The motive remains unknown.

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Why did the police resuscitate him? Choking on your mother's uterus, after you just stabbed her, seems like a very fitting and poetic way to die.

Now, excuse me while I go throw up.

He ate her uterus?!

I had to re-read that sentence five times before it actually processed.

I suppose I shouldn't have read this before lunch...

Wow. I really am so proud of you guys.

My favourite part was the folding bike, that's a big fat sign of crazy right there!

This is the reason why I don't have kids.