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Supersize This!

spurlock460.jpgA McDonald’s fry cook is suing Morgan Spurlock, claiming his documentary, Super Size Me, defamed her.

Former McDonald’s employee Evelyn Candelaria is suing in Brooklyn Supreme Court, alleging her self-esteem and reputation were damaged by her appearance in Spurlock’s 2004 documentary film, the New York Post reported Sunday.
Candelaria’s attorney, Hugh Jasne, said the 44-year-old former fry cook never signed a release allowing Spurlock to use footage of her in his film and therefore Spurlock should be held liable.

Dude. You work at McDonalds. As a fry cook. How much more can your reputation be damaged?

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I'm fairly certain I would have never known/cared who she was. Now I feel compelled to find out.

44 years old career highlight, fry cook at McDonalds. What reputation and self-esteem could you have possibly had left in the first place?

Maybe she needs to keep her reputation intact because she's sure she's going to make it on Broadway, somehow... some way.

Why has it taken her this long to get a law suit together? That's my question.

seriously, she's all fryin' burgers, in the back, SEETHING about this for four years!? Ah, the humanity!

Sar--Excuse me. That was meant for maljax. I'm new and I'm not that... strooong a blog poster.

I guess she didn't get that promotion to Lead Fry cook, so it is that Spurlock's fault. "Damn him, if he wouldn't have used my imagine in the background of that 4 year old movie...I've might have made it."

Isn't there like some sort of Statue of Limitations for this type of stuff? But really shouldn't she be offering her first born to this guy for just putting her in a movie? How damaging can that be? How many fry cooks working at McD's actually make it onto the the big screen?