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Superman just melts cancer kids with his heat rays, but Batman actually uses their skin to make new utility belts

supes-and-bats.jpgWhen Thomas Denton’s nephew was diagnosed with cancer, a charity called Candlelighters stepped in to help his family out. So Denton decided to return the favor as best he could, using his comic book connections to set up some charity auctions featuring original artwork, the proceeds from which would go to Candlelighters. Some of the artwork included comic characters belonging to DC Comics, like Superman and Batman. And DC Comics’ parent corporation, Time Warner, was unhappy with the unauthorized use of its trademarked characters.

So it shut down the charity eBay auctions, which were going to provide money to help cancer kids.

Heartless corporations, is there anything they won’t do?

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Yeah, they won't go to heaven when they die.

Wait, the cancer kids or Time Warner?

Ok, ok that was bad, I'm sorry...

Anyways, I can guarantee DC didn't have anything to do with this. It was probably some overpaid asshole at TW that relishes making people miserable.

How is that allowed? I didn't think that selling fan-art was illegal, only if it somehow hurts the value of the copyright holders merchandise right? Isn't that the deal with the stupid harry potter madness?