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Suck it, cops!

stensgaard.jpgBack in April, I wrote about a Portland cop who was being taken to traffic court by a private citizen because he parked in a “no parking” zone while picking up some take-out Chinese food. Reader Allison C. wrote in to let us know that there’s an update to the story as the traffic court judge has said that Officer Stensgaard isn’t above the law, and he’ll have to pay a $35 fine like the rest of us:

Lawyers for [Officer] Stensgaard argued he was justified in parking outside the restaurant because his patrol car contained guns and expensive equipment that could be dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands. But the judge ruled that while he felt the officer had acted reasonably, the parking laws apply to everyone. Including cops.

And check out this picture of the attorney who brought the citizen’s claim against Stensgaard using diagrams to bring the po-lice down: