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Asshole or Awesome? You be be the judge. (Hint: the answer is definitely “awesome.”)

no-parking.jpgUp in Portland, Oregon, Eric Bryant was hanging out in a Chinese restaurant when he saw a police car illegally park. Officer Chad Stensgaard then walked into the Chinese restaurant and began watching a basketball game on TV. Bryant asked the cop about his car, and Officer Stensgaard agreed that he was in a no-parking zone, but retorted: “If someone broke into your house, would you rather have the police be able to park in front of your house or have to park three blocks away and walk there?” Stensgaard eventually took the order of food he was waiting for and drove off.

And it turns out that he’s now got a bit more than some leftover Chinese food to deal with. Because Bryan is a freshly-minted attorney, and he happens to be familiar with a certain little Oregon statute that’s particularly relevant in this situation. And so Officer Stensgaard has received a summons to show up in traffic court next month, as Bryan filed charges under a law allowing the private initiation of of traffic violation proceedings, violations which could cost Officer Stensgaard over $500.

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Definitely awesome. I'll be looking closely for a similar Tennessee statute.

Just awesome.

Methinks E. Bryant Esq. is bucking for 15 minutes of fame, is unemployed and hoping for job leads.

I'd prefer the cop park close to where he's going... might help him save a life someday. Might even save a lawyer associate who made the papers once. If his parking didn't impede traffic and didn't cause any other issues, then I say no harm, no foul.

I do not agree that a cop can park wherever the heck he wants, if he's not in an emergency. He was getting food from a restaurant- that is not exactly saving a life or preventing a crime.

Even if he's at lunch he's still on duty and needs to be available for an emergency. Unless you can get shot as part of *your* job, cut the cop some slack.

Jeremy that's a fairly disgusting little bit of sophistry and distraction.

Stensgaard wasn't investigating a crime. He wasn't performing an arrest. He just couldn't be bothered to follow the law or park in a legal space. In the face of this all you can do is cast aspersions on the guy who called him on it.

The law is the law is the law. And everyone is supposed to be equal before it. Not just if it's convenient.

Same thing Phaeolus. He needs to be near his vehicle? Let him go somewhere where he can park legally and accessibly. The fact that he wears blue polyester and carries tin doesn't mean he's above the law. He can afford to drive a block to a different restaurant or put off his lunch break for five minutes while he waits for a space to open.