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Spice up your interview life!

job-interview.jpgSo the Bitter Lawyer website recently sent us a link to a posting about a Southern California law student who also happens to be a porn star. She’s apparently starred in over 100 flicks including Titty Titty Bang Bang (oh porn industry, what wacky titles will you think up next?). Interesting article.

But it got me thinking. See, earlier this week I did some on-campus interviewing for my firm. A long day where I met with well over a dozen eager 2Ls hoping that they’d get picked to fly out to LA so they could meet other folks at my firm and hopefully earn a cush summer associate gig for next summer. Some of them could very well be reading this, so I won’t say much substantively about the day (there was both good and bad), but suffice it to say, it was long. Loooong. Would’ve been long even if I weren’t dealing with this damned herniated disc.

In any event, how great would it have been if halfway through the day, a friggin’ porn star walked into the room? And man alive, that resume’s gotta be better than one that lists someone’s choral experience, right?

Oral, choral? Choral, oral? The choice is obvious.

I’m rambling. Point is, next time I do on-campus interviews, I wants me a porn star interviewee. Make it happen Big Guy in the Sky. Make it happen.

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But, Seth... what if its a guy pron star?

I like to think that Seth was being deliberately vague.