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It may not be justice, but it sure as hell is karma

Joe Francis, Freedom Fighter!

To be fair, from what I’ve read, I do think there were some shenanigans. Not a lot. Bus some. But whatever, because they couldn’t have happened to a scummier guy.

(Hat tip to reader Annelise, who suggested that she’s deeply afraid of being tossed into the clink for 11 months now too. See what you’ve done, Joe? You’re scaring people. Stop it!)

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I try to be fair, to support the constitution and fight for my rights and the rights of others, but I have a 16 year old daughter and Joe Francis is the exception to every rule I've ever established for myself. I would break every commandment, violate every civil right he has and probably sodomize animals if it meant putting him in an airless, lightless dungeon for the rest of his misbegotten life.