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spank.jpgHere’s an indictment of a school system that’s a little too concerned for the well-being of its children. Two middle school kids out in Oregon are in juvey this week, facing sex abuse charges with a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. The two boys, ages 12 and 13, were accused of inappropriately touching classmates and arrested for five counts of sexual abuse.

And what was so awful that these kids are facing an extended stay in juvenile hall and, possibly, 10 years in prison? The two students were a among a larger group of students who spank each others’ backsides as a part of their handshake.

“We have this handshake we do and some of the people at [the school] took it too seriously and they thought that it was meant in a sexual way. It’s not. We’re all friends,” said one student. The school saw it differently, deeming it “inappropriate dancing.”

Of course, the superintendent of schools suggests that there was more to it, though she has yet to specify what. I’m guessing, however, that there was some sort of slam dancing involved, which she school mistook for mid-air love making.

This isn’t the first such incident at Patton Middle School. Last year, a 9-year-old boy was brought up on 10 counts of sexual abuse after he spanked his best friend on his 10th birthday. Fortunately, the school decided not to prosecute for the “one to grow on.”

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What the fuck? I had to back track to see what bumble fucking state had the time to call out spanking as sexual abuse. Of course, thank the midwest to sideline the real issues you know they have to single out spanking.

Hey Jesus, perhaps a spanking may have helped you with your Geography. The incidents are in Oregon, the northwest, just south of Washington (no not the Capitol).