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South Carolina Knows How to Celebrate!


Authorities say seven people attending high school graduations in Rock Hill, South Carolina, are facing charges after police say they cheered while students’ names were being called.
Authorities say six people at Fort Mill High School’s graduation were charged Saturday and a seventh at the graduation for York Comprehensive High School was charged Friday with disorderly conduct.
Police say those arrested yelled after students’ names were called while diplomas were handed out.
A police spokesman says school officials request police patrols to prevent graduation disruptions that include standing, hollering and clapping.

I know you’re probably as shocked as I am by this turn of events. It’s outrageous! The audacity. The brazenness. I simply cannot believe that those assholes would actually clap and holler during a graduation! The nerve!

Put those sons of bitches away. For life.

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And now, time to piss folks off.

While I disagree with arresting them, I have recently suffered the jackassery of people shouting during the damn graduation, especially when they were very politely asked several times not to do so, in respect of the other students.

Look, lady, I didn't scream like an idiot when your accidentally-spawned future source of heartbreak and mountains of loan payments marched by, so don't do it when my future disappointment does!

By the way, I don't have too much faith in the kids nowadays.

Is this the same school that last year took away dipolomas from students whose parents clapped?

Wait. I'm confused. So, just being happy enough to make noise as your child walks across the stage is enough to be arrested?

Are you sure this didn't happen in Florida - no wait. I graduated from high school in Florida and remember tons of clapping and cheering.

Oh South Carolina, its a sad sad day when Florida looks better than you by comparison.