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Ice Cream Headache!

brainfreeze.jpgWell, I don’t know if it’s as bad as suing McDonald’s for millions after burning yourself with their coffee, but don’t be surprised if a lawsuit against Sonic comes out of this:

Salina police say a 66-year-old man whose car crashed into a house blames “brain freeze” from a cold drink for the mishap. Robert Schulz told police that the sudden, sharp pain in his head while driving Tuesday afternoon was followed by a “chest freeze.” Schulz said he had just purchased the flavored, frozen drink from a Sonic restaurant and was drinking it while driving at 3:45 p.m.
But he was hit by the painful sensation that often comes after a big swallow of cold liquid. Schulz said his car then went out of control, left the street and slammed into the front steps of a house.

It looks like, from now on — if we’re going to survive the lawsuits — America is going to have to settle for tepid, lukewarm drinks.

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If you ask me, it's about time they stop making those frozen drinks so damn cold!

That McDonald's case is widely reported as an example of someone being overly-litigious, but as I understand it, the plaintiff was an elderly woman being driven by her grandson, who had come to a complete stop before she opened the cup. The coffee spilled, was absorbed by her sweatpants, and gave her 3rd degree burns almost instantly, requiring skin grafts on her thighs, buttocks, and genitals. The root of the lawsuit was that the coffee was served at a temperature that could cause injury, some 30 degrees hotter than most other restaurants, with no warning.

Actually, replace "brain freeze" with 'stroke,' and "chest freeze" with 'heart attack'. . .

Congress should pass a law mandating that water freeze at a much higher temperature.