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Sounds hilarious

laughing-smurf.jpgThree employees at Millstone BBQ, in Ohio, have been charged with unlawful restraint after pulling a “prank” on a co-worker. When Rochelle Crockett showed up late for work, she was put into a storage shed, and the three employees (including at least one of management level) beat on the shed and antagonized her.

Crockett’s attorney says Crockett was locked in for 20 minutes while this went on, while the employees say she wasn’t locked in and it was only for about three minutes. They also say she knew it was a joke and came out of the shed laughing. Crockett’s lawyer says Crockett wasn’t so amused, and went to the hospital with panic attacks.

This all comes down to how long she was really in there for. Because three-to-five minutes of torture is just good fun. Five-to-ten minutes … mildly inappropriate. Anything more than that, totally over the top.

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We're going to catch you Florida, just wait and see.