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Someone beat me to the punch!

55dcb99231_conan11082007.jpgIn news that will confound you for a few seconds, then becomes kind of obvious once you think about it, Conan O’Brien has a stalker. And the stalker is a Massachusetts Catholic priest.

In a series of startling and strange notes obtained by the Herald this morning, the Massachusetts Catholic priest who allegedly stalked Conan O’Brien also targets tennis great John McEnroe and compares himself to the Virginia Tech serial killer.
The Manhattan District Court documents show Rev. David Ajemian, 46, who worked at a Stoneham Catholic church recently and is being held without bail, sent at least three threatening letters to O’Brien. In them he demands a “public confession” and calls McEnroe his “childhood nemesis.”
“This is your priest stalker again, the one who has been tracking you through space and time,” Ajemian allegedly wrote to O’Brien in February, signing the missive “Padre 009,” according to court documents.

You don’t think it had anything to do with this, do you?

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In an almost-horrifying twist, I was in a wedding last October where the priest was an old college roommate of Conan O'Brien's. His church and Crazy Dude's church have the same name, too. Thankfully, we're about 20 miles away from Stoneham, else I would have a great story about that wedding I was in where the priest later turned out to be more of a repressed wacko than most Catholic priests in the news.