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So what — if it’s there, you’re not supposed to hit it?

booty-call.jpgAcross the pond, police sergeant Mark Downing is facing three counts of sexual assault for allegedly getting a little inappropriate with two lady officers. Last year during a barbecue, he allegedly tossed a female officer over his knee, spanked her and told her she was a “naughty girl.” He also gave her a smack on the ass once, allegedly saying “if it’s there, it’s only fair that I hit it.”

Which is just common sense, really.

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lol, agreed.

And I am a Woman.

But what the hell was that girl doing bent over his lap? And what was she expecting?

I never want to disregard sexual harassment, but this sounds like a woman who was obviously flirting.

Is is a crime to flirt back?

Oh, I see, It's only a crime if it is a man.