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So I guess a recommendation is out of the question?

openHouse.jpgHoward Moore recently got out of a Northern California jail after serving an 18 month sentence for robbery. Earlier this month, he decided to celebrate in, apparently, the only way he knows how — he arranged for a 47-year-old real estate agent to show him a house and, during the viewing, he attacked her, raped her and robbed her. While all this was going on, the unidentified woman tried to gain his trust and befriend him, even going so far as to tell Moore that she might be able to help him get a job as a security or body guard. They arranged a job interview for the next day and son of a bitch if Moore didn’t actually show up to the designated coffee shop for his job interview!

The idiot scumbag was promptly arrested by sheriff’s deputies, of course.

And actually, Moore got off lucky. The victim said her original plan was to “exact vigilante justice on him” because she was afraid he would wind up behind bars for his crime. A relative of hers, who happened to be a former cop, managed to talk her out of going Charles Bronson on Moore, and that’s how the sheriff got involved.

But what the hell? I mean, I know it takes a bent mind to commit rape in the first place, but to then actually believe that your victim is going to hook you up with a job? I don’t know why I continue to be dumbfounded by the idiocy of so many people, yet the morons of the world always find a new way to get me. So my hat’s off to you for that, Mr. Scumbag.

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I cannot believe that the woman was able to keep her wits about her enough to come up w/ that idea during the ordeal. Wow.