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Who You Calling Gay?

tucker.jpgCommenting on the Bathroomgate, Larry Craig’s endeavor to get his wet willied over a urinal in an airport bathroom, Tucker Carlson said something kind of unsettling. He tells Joe Scarborough (at around the 2:50 mark in this clip) that he was once solicited by another man in a Georgetown bathroom, and his response was to go get a friend, return to the bathroom, grab the guy, and “hit him against the stall.” What’s so unsettling about it — other than the notion that any gay man would be hard up enough to hit on a douchebag with a bow tie — is the raucous laughter that this little anecdote elicits from both Scarborough and the Aryan fuckmonster hosting this particular show. I mean, Jesus: These are grown men teetering like Beavis and Butthead about the idea that Tucker knocked around a gay guy. If a female prostitute had hit on Tucker Carlson, and had he banged her head against the stall, would they still be laughing like junior high punks who’d just stolen someone’s lunch money?

Besides, where the hell does Tucker Carlson get off laughing about a guy’s sexual orientation. Nice shirt, buddy.

Oh, and the latest on bathroomgate, is that the Republicans are trying to talk Craig into stepping down, not because he’s gay, but because he committed a crime. Of course, of course. It has absolutely nothing to do with his homosexuality, even though it took a federal felony indictment and ample evidence of criminal behavior to get any Republican even remotely behind the Tom Delay ouster.

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Yeah, I saw this yesterday.

I'm not a violent man, but...I hate Tucker juuuuuuust enough.

Now, see? I relish the thought of beating Tucker down... or at least stuffing his stupid tie down his throat.

It's amazing to me that in this country, there are so many things people are fine with but not homosexuals. This guy could have raped a woman, or embezzeled a shit tone of money, beat up his wife and kids, or whatever and it would take months of hearings to get him removed. It's amazing to me how immature people still are about human sexuality.

What's the statute of limitations for battery in DC?