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So does that mean that a purple nurple is out of the question?

willie.jpgEarlier this month, 38-year-old Louis Carlos Perales was arrested for public intoxication and making threats to kill. The cops had received a call that Perales was on his way to a house where he was likely to get into it with his wife. The cops showed up in time to see Perales roll up in his SUV and then belligerently jump out. He got into the cops’ faces, and started yelling at his wife, reportedly saying “you better be gone when I get out because I’m going to kill you.”

So he was arrested, naturally. And that would be the end of this story, but Perales had to go and get a third charge for assault and battery on a police officer. Here’s the kicker though — the assault and battery in question?

Perales gave one of the cops a wet willie!