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Sigh … how many times must we tell you people?

GA-FL.jpgWhen you have problems with your drugs, do not take your problem to the cops. They’re not the Underworld Better Business Bureau for Chrissakes.

That’s what 53-year-old Juanita Marie Jones, of Rochelle, Georgia, learned when she called up her local constabulary to complain about some fake crack she purchased. She laid out twenty bucks for some good rock, but she got what she said was “fake” crack. The cops obliged her phone call with a personal visit, and when she took them into the kitchen to show off her crappy crack, she was promptly arrested for possession.

A strong hat-tip to reader Three Elle, who wonders if a little bit of Florida-ness is rubbing off on Georgia, and then answers her own question by noting that Georgia does, in fact, touch Florida.