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It’s a free ride, when you’ve already paid

stewart%2520with%2520shake.jpgIrony, thy name is also this guy. I don’t know exactly how old this video is, though it dates back to the first Bush Administration. I also don’t know why it’s suddenly floating around the webernets, though it could be Karl Rove’s revenge after years and years of being called turd blossom. I dunno. And you had to figure that something like this was around, but to see the 1990’s Dick Cheney so irrefutably contradict the 2000’s Dick Cheney is a weird thing to wrap one’s head around. Were Cheney’s intervening years at Haliburton really what changed his mind about an invasion of Iraq? It’s always fun to speculate in a very har har conspiratorial sort of way, but this video — which was filmed before he took over as CEO of Halliburton — actually seems to suggest as much. It really is about the money, huh?

A quagmire indeed, good sir.

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If you're wondering about the date of the video, it's in the upper right corner.

Holy Shit! I never thought I'd see the day when I would listen to Dick Cheney speak about foreign policy and actually agree with him. Why doesn't any of the news outlets have the balls to confront him with this?

heard this this morning on the radio. very interesting...

Doesn't anyone remember the coalition of the willing?

Of course it was all about the money!

Whatever legitimate threat Saddam might have posed at one time, he was completely contained after the first Gulf War and ten years of crippling sanctions. Of course, the Bush Administration knew that.

And the claim that we were invading Iraq for the benefit of the Iraqi people is just laughable and never should have been taken seriously by any intelligent person.

Iraq has the second largest reserve of oil on the planet and contractors like Lockheed-Martin and Halliburton now have BILLIONS of our tax dollars - the record budget surplus Clinton left us, in fact.