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She Had It Coming

morvahunt3.jpgLast week, in the quiet town of Orem, Utah, a menacing police officer knocked on the door of law-breakin’ Betty Perry. He was angry. Spitting nails, angry. For Perry had repeatedly violated a town ordinance. She had flagrantly ignored the law. And the officer wasn’t going to take this bullshit anymore. He’d had enough. By damn, he was going to write her a ticket.

The game of wits began. The officer asked Perry for her name. She refused to give it. “I didn’t want to tell him anything until I talked to a lawyer … I wanted to see what he’d tell me to do,”

The officer took the challenge. A tense standoff ensued. The officer, snarling rabidly, began to write a ticket. He scribbled it out in angry pen, huffing with resentment. Perry, indignant, ran back inside her house. The officer’s lips curled. He gave chase, attempting to handcuff Perry for resisting a ticket. Perry tripped. She scraped her elbows and knees. There was blood on the door. On her clothes. On her porch. Everywhere. It was like a grade-school jungle gym without a first aid kit. Gruesome.

The persistent officer eventually subdued Perry and handcuffed her. He threw her in his cruiser and took her to prison, where she could rot in jail for all he cared. The woman, scared, laid down in her cell and awaited her rescuer. An hour later — a harrowing, dread-filled hour — police eventually released the convict.

Oh yeah: I should probably mention that Betty Perry was a 70-year-old widow — a little old lady. And her crime? She refused to water her lawn.

That bitch got what she deserved.

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What can I say? We take conformity to rules verrrrry seriously here in Utah. Sheesh.

Small correction, the term you want is widow. A widower is a husband whose wife has died.

Yup - you are, of course correct. We've corrected the typo. Danke danke.

Wow - Out where I live, they'd have given her the key to the city for water conservation. No such luck in the ol' north west.

Good for her for fighting for her rights! I'm sorry she got banged up and had to get all stressed out, but I saw her on TV and she said she is fine. Bless her heart. (It's a wonder she didn't have a heart attack.) I hope she and her family sue the pants off that little jerk wad and the police department there. They make Andy and Barney in Mayberry look like CSI cops.

Shame on that pathetic little "weenie" (trying hard not to cuss) who needs to be beaten up, cuffed and tossed in jail for a year or two with no food, water, bed or toilet. He could live off rats and drink his own urine to stay alive. The pathetic scum.

SHAME ON HIM!!! I hope all the townspeople there scoff him and spit on him every time they run into him, and I HOPE TO GOD HE IS FIRED, then tarred and feathered and run out of town.

That little prick would be run outta this town real fast. I hope the people in that town lynch him. I would personally tie him up, pour honey ALL over him and put him by a bunch of bee hives and ant hills.

Geez, around here, (Pacific NW)(yeah, megaera!) we are on water restriction and we get in trouble if we DO water our lawns, due to the recent heat wave. Good grief. What is this world coming to!!!!

Pretty soon I might even come back and tell you how I REALLY feel!! :-)