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Michael Moore Loses His Shit ….

michael-moore-2.jpgDamnit! It was only a matter of time, I suppose. In my review of Sicko a couple of weeks ago, the one thing I’d hoped for was that Michael Moore would shut the hell up and let his movie do his talking for him. So much for that. Yesterday, he went on a tirade against poor Wolf Blitzer, who is contractually prohibited by his alien keepers from raising his voice or changing his pitch to defend himself.

Granted, Moore is mostly in his rights to get all self-righteous here, but really there’s no sense in bashing Sanjay Gupta, an innocent bystander. I mean, c’mon: His medical advice may not be entirely sound or really all that informative (he often sounds as though he’s reading from a hospital brochure), but he sure is dreamy. I’ve always thought that he and Anderson Cooper would make a wonderful couple. Am I right?

… Sorry. So yeah, Michael Moore loses his cool. Wolf Blitzer stammers. They both embarrass themselves. And then (fucking motherfucking assheel bitch) Lou Dobbs drops in to suck up all the stale air in the room. Shame it wasn’t carbon monoxide.

(Hat Tip: The Evil Beet)

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Dammit I couldn't make it past his demand for an apology. Just when you thought he might realize nobody likes him as a person and stopped talking so goddamn much, he does it again. It is doubly irritating when he has a good point, but he buries it in self-aggrandizement.

I just can't get past the image that is now seared into my brain of Anderson and Sanjay. I can't decide if the idea is disturbing, or brilliant.

It's brilliant; but I would lay 5 to 1 odds that it has already been done.