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Serves them right

phelps.jpgLast March, Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder was killed in Iraq. During his funeral, the Westboro Baptist Church showed up to protest. If the name doesn’t sound familiar, that’s the Topeka, Kansas group founded by Fred Phelps. Phelps is soon to be the basis of a horror movie, and he’s the scumbag who claims that, among other things, “god hates fags.”

Anyway, Snyder’s dad decided to fight back, suing the Church last June for invasion of the family’s right of privacy and defamation. He won the case, and a federal judge has now ruled that Phelps’ group must pay the costs of Lance Corporal Snyder’s funeral, over $3,000.

I’m sure that doesn’t really pun a dent in Phelps’ wallet, but it’s nice to see someone getting even a little justice against the bastard.

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WBC also wants to protest at the VA Tech funerals. Despicable glory-hounding sorry excuses for Christian believers. A counter-protest whose entire goal is to stop WBC from reaching the funerals and memorial services is also in the works.