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Seriously: Tell Us What You Really Think

God. Damnit. It’s not bad enough that the Democrats couldn’t manage to push the S-CHIP Bill through Congress over President Bush’s objection, thus increasing the amount of funding for the children’s health care program. But for all intents and purposes, from a political standpoint anyway, the Democrats were whoopin’ up on the Republicans, and Bush and the jackasses who refused to vote for the funding looked like they hated children (or, at least, poor children). The S-CHIP Bill has been a nightmare for the G.O.P., and the Dems have strategically kept the issue front and center, ensuring that the Republicans would look like the cruel, heartless bastards that they are for denying health care to kids.

And then Pete Stark, a House Democrat from California, had to open his big fat yapper. So, you know that for the next three weeks, the motherfucking focus won’t be on children’s health care, or the callous indifference the G.O.P. has for poor (or even lower middle class) children, but on Pete Stark’s dumbass statements. There’s certainly some truth to what Stark is saying (check the video below), but dude: You’re a freakin’ Congressman. That ain’t how you go about saying it.

God Bless the Democrats: They always manage to fuck it up.

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I know it will take the focus off health care, but he called it straight. The President has no plan. The Iraq situation is FUBAR

Yeah. Its difficult to condemn him for basically speaking what he at least perceives as the truth; however, the words come at the worst time, and that will hurt both his message and the attention the health care bill should be getting.

I have the pleasure of being one of Pete's consitutents out here in Fremont, California for my whole life of years.

Honestly, this place isn't as liberal as Pete Stark is, in fact, Fremont has lots of conservatives.. so I don't think this was a ploy to become more popular back home. He was speaking straight from his POV.

But seriously, how the hell are you going to condemn him, QuizLaw? Iraq is very much tied to our dear president's veto of SCHIP, claiming monetary reasons as to why he vetoed the bill. It isn't a secret that a part of the agenda was to drain the US's treasury so that spending on social programs could be curbed.

He was right to say what he did. The president never had a just cause to go to war with Iraq, thus Congressman Stark's comment is valid.

are you guys nuts?when are you gonna call the pols on any kind of accountability.stark is tellin'like it is and you are so pansyass you think republicans are going to play fair.and democrats are just playing politics.they all suck.