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“Here are your tickets, Mr. Sharley Cheen”

capt.sge.kee21.161007160815.photo00.photo.default-504x360.jpgDue to the increase in percentage of marriages ending in divorce (66 percent in the city, 50 throughout Austria), the city of Vienna is hosting the world’s first “divorce fair.”

At this fair, couples whose days of wedded bliss have run their course gather to meet with such exhibitors as lawyers, mediators, estate agents, and even PI firms and DNA testing labs for those divorces with a little extra spice. Even the Viennese archdiocese (rhyme!) got in on the act with an exhibit booth, and a travel company offers holiday packages for the freshly singled. There will also be lectures on such related topics as children in divorces, although rumors of a workshop titled “Bitch Better NOT Have My Money” have been debunked.

The event takes place October 27-28 and includes a benefit concert by Paul McCartney! (All benefits to be given to “That One-Legged Gold-Digging Skank Fund.”)

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That's Pegleg the Gold Digging Skank, biatch.