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Self Explaining Mugshots ….


On the right, Justin Beebe, arrested for crimes against humanity. On the left, Justin’s father, Floyd, arrested for crimes against the English language.

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Please, please tell me they were arrested in Florida!!!

Yepper! They were Floridians!

If I worked in a tattoo parlor and these two guys walked in on a Sunday afternoon Dad-and-Justin-Day with ice cream cones and over-the-rainbow smiles and asked me to ink those words on their foreheads, I would probably tell them to get the hell out; although by the looks of the shaky letters in 'Psycho' the artist may have had a gun to his head.

OMG when people say "you've got (fill in derisive word here) tattooed on your forehead", it never occurred to me that ANYBODY actually got words or anything else tattooed on their forehead. What's the bet these guys had a very dirty, very well-used baseball cap or two in their closet?