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I’m F*cking a Mousetrap!

wi_jimmy_kimmel_070621_ms.jpgJimmy Kimmel and Adam Corolla successfully challenged a lawsuit filed by Perry Caravello against the comedians after they argued that they were not property served. Kimmel was served when Caravello had a court summons delivered to his receptionist at the theater where “Jimmy Kimmel Live” is taped. The judge declared that it amounted to insufficient service.

Oh yeah: And Caravello is suing for over $10 million, alleging that he was injured after being tricked into putting his penis in a mousetrap.

Say what?

Caravello also sued Johnny Knoxville, who has so far not contested service. He alleges the comic told him he would receive $10 million just for complying with the mousetrap directive, but that the device unexpectedly went off.
“Much to his emotional tranquility and to his physical harm, (Caravello) was severely injured when the trap literally went on his manhood,” the lawsuit states.
The incident was videotaped without Caravello’s permission and circulated over the Internet, the lawsuit states.

It was circulated on the Internet? And I missed it?

A man was injured when he was dumbass enough to stick his wanger in a mouse trap? And he’s suing Jimmy Kimmel? Man, he ought to be suing his Mom for raising a child dumb enough to put his dick in that position.