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impounded-car.jpgIf you live in Washington state and enjoy trolling for hookers, you’re gonna love these bits of proposed legislation. There are two identical bills pending in the state’s House and Senate which would allow cops to seize and impound your car if you’re “arrested in connection with soliciting, patronizing or promoting prostitution within neighborhoods designated as prostitution-heavy zones.”

But don’t worry, they won’t keep your car. Once you pay towing and impound fees (set at $500 by the bills), the state’s pockets will be a little bulgier and you can carry on your way. The $500 they collect, surprisingly, won’t stay in the state coffers, but will (in theory) be put to use to help hookers get treatments and related services.

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This type of law has been in effect for quite some time in my home province. In theory it makes sense to punish the johns to attept to curb prostitution. No johns no whores.

In practice It's a little more complicated. Just legalize it, regulate it and do ud all a favour.

I thought I recognized a WSU cougar bumper sticker on the car in the photo, before I even began reading. In Washington State it is in fact the Cougars that are the problem. We Huskies don't have to solicit prostitutes.