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Drunk? Get outta here!

DUI343-thumb.jpgGood on ya, Eric Marusak of Florida. The job carried out by the police is hard enough without folks lying to them:

According to a report from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, a Port Richey officer spotted the car going nearly 20 miles over the speed limit on U.S. 19 a little after 2 a.m.
Just as the officer was about to turn on his light, the car veered left, bounced over a curb and smashed into a chain link fence.
A man and woman inside the car were not injured.
The driver’s side door had a metal pole through it, so the driver — later identified as Eric Marusak, 37, of New Port Richey — crawled out the passenger door.
“I’m wrecked, dude,” he told the officer.
Marusak laughed and then added, “I got a suspended license.”

But then Marusak had to go and blow the good will he earned from me:

He soon stopped laughing and got angry — kicking the officer in the groin and leg, cursing at him, punching him and then acted like a dog, growling and trying to bite him, according to law enforcement.