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Sarah Palin Hates These Witches

So, I’ve been hearing about a video involving Sarah Palin’s church pastor, who did some sort of exorcism in church or something. And I thought, well, at worse, Sarah Palin might have been in the church and witnessed it. Right?

Nope. Sarah Palin, in the above video, is actually having a spell put on her to ward away witches. Personally.

Say what? You mean, Barack Obama’s campaign was nearly derailed by a crazy angry preacher ranting and raving at church, when Obama wasn’t even there. And here, Palin is getting excorcised. And nary a peep.

What gives? This woman is not only a moron, she’s crazy. Batshit motherfucking crazy.

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Sure, people may laugh, but I ask you: has Sarah Palin suffered any witch attacks since her blessing? I rest my case.

Looks like she just lost the Wiccan vote!